Credentialing & Provider Enrollment

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Eliminate the frustration, paperwork, and time spent on running around for insurance. Work with the medical credentialing experts at The O’Sullivan Group to effortlessly navigate difficult healthcare credentialing, enrollment and licensing services.

Our credentialing, enrollment, and licensing services

We offer a wide range of medical credentialing, enrollment, and licensing services.

Some of our most requested services are listed below:

  • Medicare and Medicaid Provider Enrollment and Credentialing
  • Medicare and Medicaid Revalidation
  • CAQH (Universal Credentialing DataSource) Registration
  • Commercial Insurance Provider Enrollment and Credentialing (ie. Aetna, Humana, Anthem, CIGNA, BCBS, UnitedHealthcare, etc.)
  • Reimbursement Issues
  • NPI Registration (Type I and Type II)
  • Hospital Privileging
  • State licensing application for ancillary and facility providers
  • Managed Care Contracting Issues
  • Complete outsourcing – applications, submission, approval, updates/changes, recredentialing, CAQH updates
Provider Enrollment & Credentialing

Our experts are 100% dedicated to getting you enrolled and credentialed.  We take away the headache of completing the forms and tracking the process from start to approval/ confirmation.  We understand the process, timelines and have the relationships to get issues resolved.  We take your information and immediately complete submissions and track each step so that nothing falls through the cracks or gets forgotten.

Credentialing is an ongoing process which has to be revisited every 3 to 5 years. Keeping track of expiring documents can be cumbersome. We maintain client records to identify expiring credentials.

Medicare Provider Enrollment/ Medicare Revalidation

Enrolling with Medicare and Medicaid is one of the most critical challenges that healthcare providers face today. We manage the process from start to finish. We complete and submit – 855B, 855I, 855R, 855S, 855O, 588, and 460 CMS forms. We handle State specific Medicaid enrollment and certification. We handle ongoing Medicare/Medicaid revalidation.

Medical enrollment service

To receive reimbursements from various insurance providers, you have to enroll and become an in-network provider. We have a dedicated team of medical insurance veterans who have years of experience in attaining medical enrollment for medical practitioners. Irrespective of the size or type of your service, we can work with you to make the medical enrollment process effortless.

Hassle-free physician licensing service

Each state has its own medical license application process, eligibility, and expiration. Our medical licensing experts are focused on providing comprehensive and reliable services by drawing on their extensive experience in licensing across various states. By analyzing your portfolio and specialty, we make recommendations to streamline your medical licensing process.