Network Development

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The O’Sullivan Group is a leader in provider network development contracting for managed care plans and provider sponsored networks of all types.

Areas of Focus include
  • Medicare Advantage
  • Managed Medicaid   
  • IPAs, ACOs & other VBNs


We Work With
  • Hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers, and community hospitals
  • Accountable care organizations and clinically integrated networks
  • Private equity firms
  • Behavioral health providers
  • Dental services organizations
  • Management services organizations
  • Home health agencies, long-term care providers, and rehabilitation facilities
  • Nursing homes, hospices, and assisted-living facilities
  • Independent physician groups


Our Provider Network Development team will:

Provide a Comprehensive Service

We have the resources to manage data bases, develop and track mass mailings, make outbound calls and follow up emails, meeting with providers, track and manage contract documents and credentialing.


Timely Results

Time is of the Essence. In order to meet aggressive RFP application requirements or speed up time to market deadlines in a hyper competitive market we ensure critical milestones are met, providers are engaged and prepared for go live, and systems loaded with complete and accurate provider and reimbursement specs.  Surge teams are available to ensure response to real time needs.

Cost Effective

Focus on meeting key metrics and regular reporting ensure that  resources continually focused on filling gaps needed to meet adequacy requirements for the milestone goal.  With team members specialized in handling  key parts of the process, we have staff working at the most cost effective hourly rates.

A Finished Product

Our focus is on:

  • delivering signed contract
  • fully completed demographic forms
  • complete and compliant credentialing applications and credentials documents
  • client specified complete data base for loading into all applicable client systems.   

Let us help you develop and execute a logical, cost effective and viable network development solution for your Managed Medicaid, Medicare Advantage, TriCare/VA, Workers Comp, Tribal Health, or provider sponsored ACO/Clinically Integrated Network, IPA, Medicare SNP,  or Value Based Network.